Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Kris Draper blah blah blah

New arena financing blah blah blah

Now that that is out of the way let's check out another beauty jersey in Dan's ridiculous collection, this one is a nice one!

Back in 2007 I did a little European vacation. I only brought one piece of Oilers gear with me, somehow, and I really only wanted to wear it in one country.
I like Sykora big whup wanna fight about it?

Yeah that's right, I was a Petr Sykora fan. I was hoping many Czech people would see this shirt and think it was awesome. Unfortunately that was not the case. If you're not Jagr or Hasek in the Czech you may as well be Jani Rita. 

I decided I wanted to either buy a Hemsky, Sykora, or Nedved jersey, or find myself while I was in the Czech Republic. Luckily just as I was about to start some crazy introspective thinking I stumbled across this gem in the Czech Republic version of a Sport Czech (see what I did there):

so 2000 or 4000 fake dollars later this Czech National jersey was mine and I never had to start thinking about why I'm on this earth. 

Important things to notice: The Nike mark. Yep this is one of them fancy Nike Swift jersey's. I wear it in the rain and for the most part water beads off of it. It is made of a stretchy material and both the graphics and the name and number are sticky silk screen. It also looks great on me when I play, just fits great. 
Got that IIHF logo and everything! The only really unfortunate thing is that it is a Czech Republic National Team jersey. When can I wear this without seeming anti-Canadian hockey and getting lynched? Most recently I wore it to a final exam while in St. Catharines, I'm fairly sure the marker who is a huge Jags fan gave me a couple extra marks because of it. 

Fuck it I'm wearing it today!

Obviously I had to buy more stuff while over there:

A significantly cheaper looser fitting Jagr jersey! Because it's not as nice this is the Jagr jersey to wear while playing hockey. While in England, I wore this during my last University American Football game. I didn't start or play particularly well during that game, and I blame the jersey. The shoulders are a little worn because of the football pads, I wore big ones, I was a small linebacker. 

By wearing this jersey though I was able to trick the team into thinking I had already returned my team jersey. That was until photos of me wearing it in Canada surfaced on Facebook. Ha! #94

Monday, July 25, 2011

Jersey's are Cool

Greeting sports fans!

It's been a relativly boring NHL offseason but I was recently inspired by this tweet by NBC Hockey Blogger Joe Yerdon

If you're too lazy, lord knows I am, the point is that he included this picture of a rack containing all of his hockey "jersey's" (does calling them sweaters make me a hockey hipster? arg, I liked jersey's before they were cool...) :

It just so happens that we at Oiler Spill also have an idiot that spends too much money on hockey swag. So since the offseason is boring, and if you want to read some blog post about how nice of a guy Kris Draper was you can visit any other site, we will be featuring a new jersey and story behind the jersey for the rest of the summer. 

Dan: This is the Oilers jersey I wore for most of the Oilers Stanley Cup run of 2006. I think I may have let my girlfriend at the time wear it too. I commemorated that by adding the Stanley Cup patch to it. No name on the back, had to buy into the Oilers playoff philosophy obviously of team first etc etc (ed note: turns out there was one player who put himself ahead of the team.... what was his name again..... oh well). I guess it is important to note that I did not wear this jersey when I travelled to Carolina for Game 7. I went with white because I wanted to match the team. The white jersey is gone know, all of my white jersey's were stolen back in 2008 or 2009 with my hockey bag out of my brother's garage. Too bad so sad.

What is there besides Dressing Room Access???

The pin was a gift from the anonymous hockey blogger Eklund who I met in an Airport on my way to Carolina, possibly Atlanta or Calgary, I can't remember. He also gave me a 2006 Stanley Cup Playoff statistics guide, I have no clue where that is. I may have pawned it for Mcflurry money. 

I bought the jersey back in 2003/04 when I worked at Bata Athletes World. We were selling them super cheap for the Heritage Classic, my friend Eyton Landin bought a Habs one. Interesting side note, by boss at Athletes World who often would tell us stealing from the store was stealing from his family and hurting his ability to provide for them was terminated after it was uncovered he was doing fake returns on his credit card. Idiot.