Saturday, February 26, 2011

NHL Trade Deadline Day Drinking Game

Whatchu Know Bout Trade Deadline Day?

TSN has their Deadline Day coverage, so does Sportsnet and CBC and countless radio channels. Here at Oiler Spill we do things a little different. Editor The Real Dan Moser and staffer Farrel Greenspan will be playing the NHL Trade Deadline Day Drinking Game. They are spending the whole morning/day playing NHL11 on one TV and having the TSN coverage on another, oh and beers in hand. So here are the rules, this is going to get messy:

Take One Drink When:

An NHL trade takes place
----Extra drink if a Canadian team is involved

"Puck moving defenceman" is mentioned

"Veteran presence" is mentioned

"Addresses a need" is mentioned

A player is traded for "future considerations"

A commentator uses the phrase "young and exciting"

A player signs a contract extension

Any pick later than the 4th round is traded

Take Two Drinks When:

Piere McGuire makes a comment which can be construed as homosexual

The Edmonton Oilers make a trade

The Calgary Flames trade for future (picks/prospects) for nothing

The Toronto Maple Leafs trade for an American born player

Rob Schremp is picked up off waivers

You've never heard of the prospect traded

A 2nd round pick is traded

Take Three Drinks When:

Dustin Penner is traded

Ales Hemsky is traded

A 1st round pick is traded

Take Four Drinks When:

Derek Morris is traded

Brad Richards or any other hurt player is traded

Take Five Drinks When:

If TSN gets a trade wrong

Eklund gets a trade right

A lot of these rules are redundant, so feel free to follow them as you wish! Needless to say there is going to be a lot of NHL11 and drinking. Got any ideas for rules to be added? leave a comment here or on Twitter or text/e-mail/phone call/carrier pigeon/telegram/facebook

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Late Night Video: NHL 94 Cele!

Okay this is a beauty video right here.
You remember playing the old EA Sports video games as a kid for Sega or Super Nintendo?
No? You don't? Then screw off for being young!

Enjoy this great moment as the Kamloops Blazers of the WHL celebrate a win in 8 bit fashion.

Credit for this find goes to puck buddy Craig S. from Edmonton.

Too funny!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Official Oiler Spill Podcast: Episode Al Hamilton

ANNNNNNNNNND welcome to the next edition of the Official Oiler Spill Podcast

My guest in this edition is Edmonton Oilers super fan Lee Tappenden.

Lee is a rarity right now on the internet, he is a fan who speaks about the team he loves without cynicism. The guy truly just wants to see the team win, and to be honest it is refreshing to hear him talk about the team.

We discuss all aspects of the Oilers including trade rumours (Spoiler alert: I recently spoke to someone connected to the Thrashers franchise and Mr. Zach Bogosian is not going anywhere anytime soon!) and even the Oilers Octane cheer team, and how I offended one of them. Go figure! What else? The Oilers powerplay situation, most impressive player on the team, most disappointing. We talk Oilers coaches, hell we even give predictions for the coming week of Oilers hockey!

Once again, I hope you enjoyed the show, leave some comments either below this or via Twitter: @TheRealDanMoser or even send in an e-mail:

We are always looking for suggestions and new ideas.

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

Something Uplifting: No Big Game Hunting!

Spoiler: This season has not been a cheerful one for the majority of Oiler fans. I'm sure those masochists who like seeing the team lose every year are loving it. (That should probably be a link)

I have decided it is time to read something uplifting about the team. Lord knows I need it, I recently had a conversation with someone where I said I was jealous that Ted Danson's character in Bored To Death was being forced to go to a rehab facility in Arizona. Think about it a couple weeks in a nice temperature, people looking after you, making you food, telling you to take naps etc. No computer, no phone, it would actually be pretty relaxing. No drinking for two weeks? No problem. The only awful part would be eventually having to leave, and all that stupid group $hit.

Anyway I was writing about something.... here is part one of my five part or however many I feel like doing, Something Uplifting. Enjoy.

No Big Game Hunting!

Originally I had planned on doing a blog post comparing a team comprising of only 2011 UFA eligible players and then talk about if I thought that team could beat the Edmonton Oilers. After a quick look I decided that would be boring, absolutely a 2011 UFA team would beat the Oilers. Sometimes though when you look through a bag of garbage you find that one half eaten croissant and it tastes pretty good.

There are no real big fish this year that the Oilers can go for this offseason. Let me start by saying I am not one of those fans that gets pissed off when the Oilers go big name hunting because that player doesn't fit with the team or will cost too much money etc. What does piss me is when the Oilers pursue a player, hype me up on the player, and then do not get him. Waste of my time, which is not valuable (I spent almost a half an hour today making funny faces at myself in a mirror), but is time nonetheless.

Won't be happening this year though. A quick glance at the list will show you no real desirable big name free agents. Yes yes Brad Richards is at the top but I fully expect him to re-sign in Dallas so he doesn't count.

Looks like it will be a stress free no big name hunting summer for Oiler fans. The draft will come and go, maybe a small trade will be made, and hopefully some lower tier free agents are signed and they work out better than they did this season. Had I known I would have the story of Kurtis Foster's broken leg forced on me like a scene from A Clockwork Orange on a weekly basis I never would have cheered about the Oilers signing him.

There are a few smaller guys who did catch my interest, and it looks like the Oilers will have cap space and roster room, most of the bottom half of the roster is RFA or UFA. I won't talk goalies even though there are some interesting ones (Josh Harding). The Oilers are full at that position for now.


Eric Brewer - This one is more sentamntal than organizational need. I was a big Brewer fan before the team traded him for he who cannot be named.

Ian White - The guy is 26 and actually knows how to move the puck. He's not having a great season and currently makes just under $3 million. Plus wouldn't it be nice to see him succeed as an Oiler after he was moved by the Flames?

Chuck Kobasew - Could be a nice addition for the bottom two lines. The guy has speed, but really that's about all he has. I can't see him getting a raise, he is currently paid  $2.33 million by the Wild.

Scottie Upshall - Edmonton guy, I think, but I don't really see him leaving the desert anytime soon. The guy is the perfect patch player, he can play in all situations. Mac T would have given anything for a player like Upshall.

Mark Stuart - Good young D-man from the Bruins organization. He'd probably be the #1 on this team right now, given the injury situation.

Joel Ward - Think of him as another Ryan Jones, he is even playing in Nashville (click this you won't be disappointed, raer). The guy can hit and skate and gives 100%, he has 3rd or 4th line written all over him.

Curtis Glencross - Maybe we can steal him back from Calgary? That would probably feel nice.

Aaron Voros - Tough customer, and played well in New Jersey and New York before becoming expendable this year in Anaheim. Could be a nice replacement for the Stortini's and Jaques of the world.

Andy Greene - A New Jersey D-man he can play defence despite being on that awful team, he is also alright on the offensive front.

Zenon Konopka - Allows us to cut ties with Steve MacIntyre who I just don't really see a need for. Also he is actually really good at winning face-offs.

Next time, we eat the NHL.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Official Oiler Spill Podcast: Episode Two

Hey boys and girl(s) welcome to Episode Two!

This week I sit down with all around sports expert Greg "The Dentist" Broyde. He's kinda like Bill Simmons but with out the insane love for all things Boston. We talk Superbowl, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, the NBA, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant, the Toronto Raptors, the NHL, the Edmonton Oilers, the Calgary Flames, and the NHL All-Star Game. Wow that is a lot to talk about in under 20 mins!

Go Packers and leave me some feedback so I can do a better job in the future. Got ideas for guests/questions/topics? twitter: @TheRealDanMoser e-mail:


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Waiving of Zack Scortini

By Dan Moser

Zack Stortini, or Scortini as he was called by his biggest fan, was a marginal player on an awful NHL team. A lot of people are going to bitch that he should have been kept while Steve MacIntyre or Jean Francois Jacques should have been let go in his place. They are wrong. It really doesn't matter when it is all said and done. These three players barely see the ice, they do not determine whether you win or lose a hockey game. They are replaceable which will be proved next season when all three are no long part of the Edmonton Oilers team.

This much analysis is too much. Move doesn't matter. It's like saying we could have traded him for something, that is silly, who would say that? Oh yeah this guy, someone actually pays him to write his crap too! Send your empties to my P.O. Box please.

This is Zack Stortini and his answers to 5 silly questions. I included the picture because I was concerned that if someone living outside of Edmonton read this post they would have no idea who this fourth line Oiler forward is.