Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taylor Made 4 Oilers or My Lamest Title Yet

Hall enjoying his seat minutes before the Rexall Place staff tell him to remove his feet
By Dan Moser 

It was leaked earlier today by Dave Mitchell of CTV that future rookie phenom Taylor Hall will in fact wear the number 4 in the coming season. At first glance this probably looks like another September non-story and another silly Oilers fluff piece from me. At second glance that is definietly the case. Here at Oiler Spill though we are going to treat this as an important piece of news that requires your attention. Also, since we know you are a loyal reader, you are obviously aware that this is post #4, so it's going to be about the jersey #4, ya dig? So stop listening to your favourite summer jam from the past and focus on this stunning and informative breaking news.
Taylor Hall showing off the limbo skills that got him drafted first overall
 It was leaked earlier today by Dave Mitchell of CTV that future rookie phenom Taylor Hall will in fact wear the number 4 in the coming season. As we all know, the last Oiler of significance to wear the number 4 was current President of Hockey Operations Lowetide Kevin Lowe. For most teams we'd probably say this is not a move really worth reporting, but for the Oilers, this marks a major organizational philosophy shift.

For years now, pretty much since 1990, Oiler fans have been guilty of living somewhat in the past. I know I know it's a hard pill to swallow for most fans, especially when Flames fans have been saying that for years. Giving Kevin Lowe's number 4 to the new face of the franchise means as an organization the Oilers are now looking to the future instead of the past. Don't get me wrong the past is important, and the Oilers have a rich tradition. I just think it is time to start looking forward instead of backward and this number switch is a great opportunity for that to start. Also on a similar note, we are sick of current and future players being compared to former Oiler greats, it's just not fair.

Taylor Hall does not believe in head trauma

As much as I'd (We're having a lot of trouble with this I vs we stuff!) like to see Kevin Lowe's jersey number retired (Oilers first NHL draft pick, scored first NHL goal in franchise history, 5 cups, former Captain, most games played as an Oiler) I would prefer to see a double retirement in 20 years.
You're not in Calgary anymore, please straighten your hat
Other interesting facts about the number 4:
  • 4 pieces come in a King-Size Twix
  • Jared Paull wears the #4
    • Furthermore watch out for his deadly toe-drag
  • Jared has an autographed photo of another #4, Lowe, with his phone number on it. It's a good story.
  • I drafted Brett Favre in my fantasy football pool, he wears #4
  • This is the fourth blog posting to appear on this site
  • A rejected title for the comedic romp The Number 23 was in fact The Number 4
  • The next Mighty Ducks movie will be the fourth in the series. (About as likely as _____)
  • Apparently, some guy named Bobby Orr wore the number 4 back when he played. Weird.

To be perfectly honest, we are just happy that Hall is not going to be wearing 44. Ever since that unfortunate incident (you know which one) that number has haunted Oiler fans.
This is the fourth picture of a Taylor to appear in this post

On a totally unrelated note, do you like the Calgary Flames? Hmmm scratch that. Do you like reading about the Calgary Flames occasionally? This dude writes about the good and the bad, and his sarcasm is so strong it actually leaps out of your monitor, or phone, and slaps you in the face. Big shout out to Dick over at The Lighter Side of Fire. I read his shit and you should too, otherwise "they" win.

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  1. Dont worry about taylor, once he plays in a fresh new oilers jersey he will shake of the flaming chump air that was messing with his hat; he does after all have finish, which just means his mother must have conceived him outside of calgary.