Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winner! Gagner!

By Dan Moser 

Finally! The most important restricted free agent in the Oiler's stable has been signed. Fans are now able to collectively breathe a sigh of relief as he is now impervious to the dreaded RFA offer sheet. That's right, Sam Gagner has signed a new 2 year contract!

Local "hero" Sam Gagner helps as his teammate
has fell ill during a practice session
At a total cost of $4.55 million over 2 years, Gagner stands to make $2.275 million a year A very nice raise for Sammy from the $875,000 he was guaranteed during his entry level contract.  

From as pure point scoring Gagner has been one of the most consistent players on the team, therefore it is safe to assume Gagner will score at least 40 points this season. I believe otherwise though, in my opinion, this will be Sam Gagner's breakout year. He will finish the season as the Oilers first line center.

Seen above, a young Gagner pulls a move that makes Khabibulin have a sip

I could dig up a whole bunch of numbers, but that's really not the way we do things on this blog (that's right I refer to myself in the plural now), and plus I have no idea what corsi means.

Based on what I saw at the end of last years season, Gagner has improved his two-way game and his skating. I never thought his skating was THAT bad, he just skates like a typical OHL hockey player. He finished the season with a modest 15 goals but in the upcoming season I expect him to score more and be at least a 20 goal centerman.

Gagner (middle), see here with friend Rowber Nilsson and possible teammate Andrew Cogliano

If I had to make a wager, I would place my bet on Gagner becoming the first line center that his draft status dictates he should. He may not start the season on the top line, but by the end of the year I fully expect to see the formation of the HGH line. Hemsky. Gagner. Hall.

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