Monday, September 13, 2010

You've Been.....ONE-UPPED!

By Dan Moser 

Well, ever since reading this post by my buddy over at Lighter Side of Fire I have been possessed by the soul of someone you needs to one up everyone he knows. Then out of nowhere, I awoke this morning and was delivered this gem from the bowels of hfboards.


The only thing better than a local rapper, is one that raps about how much he loves donairs 

Kinda makes me want to listen to one of those terrible Bugsy Brown songs from the '06 playoffs. Gross. Sorry.

Edit: I had to make an ajustment. This is a f***ing joke.


  1. If you are from Edmonton, and you record a rap song, and you don't start by yelling "Laraque is in the building" into the mic, you are destined to fail.

  2. If you still have any brain cells left watch this one, should finish the job.