Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Waiving of Zack Scortini

By Dan Moser

Zack Stortini, or Scortini as he was called by his biggest fan, was a marginal player on an awful NHL team. A lot of people are going to bitch that he should have been kept while Steve MacIntyre or Jean Francois Jacques should have been let go in his place. They are wrong. It really doesn't matter when it is all said and done. These three players barely see the ice, they do not determine whether you win or lose a hockey game. They are replaceable which will be proved next season when all three are no long part of the Edmonton Oilers team.

This much analysis is too much. Move doesn't matter. It's like saying we could have traded him for something, that is silly, who would say that? Oh yeah this guy, someone actually pays him to write his crap too! Send your empties to my P.O. Box please.

This is Zack Stortini and his answers to 5 silly questions. I included the picture because I was concerned that if someone living outside of Edmonton read this post they would have no idea who this fourth line Oiler forward is.

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  1. Update: Stortini clears waivers, so it looks like everyone in the league agrees he was a fourth line player on the worst team in the NHL.