Saturday, February 26, 2011

NHL Trade Deadline Day Drinking Game

Whatchu Know Bout Trade Deadline Day?

TSN has their Deadline Day coverage, so does Sportsnet and CBC and countless radio channels. Here at Oiler Spill we do things a little different. Editor The Real Dan Moser and staffer Farrel Greenspan will be playing the NHL Trade Deadline Day Drinking Game. They are spending the whole morning/day playing NHL11 on one TV and having the TSN coverage on another, oh and beers in hand. So here are the rules, this is going to get messy:

Take One Drink When:

An NHL trade takes place
----Extra drink if a Canadian team is involved

"Puck moving defenceman" is mentioned

"Veteran presence" is mentioned

"Addresses a need" is mentioned

A player is traded for "future considerations"

A commentator uses the phrase "young and exciting"

A player signs a contract extension

Any pick later than the 4th round is traded

Take Two Drinks When:

Piere McGuire makes a comment which can be construed as homosexual

The Edmonton Oilers make a trade

The Calgary Flames trade for future (picks/prospects) for nothing

The Toronto Maple Leafs trade for an American born player

Rob Schremp is picked up off waivers

You've never heard of the prospect traded

A 2nd round pick is traded

Take Three Drinks When:

Dustin Penner is traded

Ales Hemsky is traded

A 1st round pick is traded

Take Four Drinks When:

Derek Morris is traded

Brad Richards or any other hurt player is traded

Take Five Drinks When:

If TSN gets a trade wrong

Eklund gets a trade right

A lot of these rules are redundant, so feel free to follow them as you wish! Needless to say there is going to be a lot of NHL11 and drinking. Got any ideas for rules to be added? leave a comment here or on Twitter or text/e-mail/phone call/carrier pigeon/telegram/facebook

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  1. Take 2 drinks if a trade is made after trade deadline is officially closed.
    Take 5 drinks if said trade involves the heart and soul of your franchise.