Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Official Oiler Spill Podcast: Episode Four: Enter Dickie "Dunn" Shilling

Here it is FINALLY Episode Four

My guest is the only Flames blogger worth reading, though it's ben a while since he blogged, Richard Shilling of PST Free Hockey fame. We talk about the Flames and some other stuff, it's a fun one. Parts are dated but whatever. Also the first edition of the Boston Pizza Finger Cooking Rant, give cooking the finger tonight.

Hopefully you enjoyed Edmonton's Ipod, if your Ipod only has my voice on it.

InB4 the music was the best part.


  1. Also, my voice actually sounds half decent in some of this. Radio career?

  2. I'm thinking for the next episode we will dip into the inbox. A lot of e-mails already collected, still time to get more in though.