Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jerseys I Stole From Children

Shea Weber was awarded a contract that was large enough to put Nashville past the cap floor. That's it  unless your a Leaf fan then all that matters is the Leafs tried unsuccessfully to steal the spotlight by announcing they have opened talks with Luke Schenn. Idiots.

For a few years (too many) I worked at a Summer camp in Pine Lake Alberta. As a councillor I was basically a summer dad to a bunch of kids that were living in a cabin with me. I had to watch out for them make sure they ate, etc etc.

Every year at this Summer camp there is one night where the staff hold a T-shirt trade. Everyone sets up a table with their goods and swaps their old tattered shit for other peoples. Hockey jerseys are high end items at these events, especially those belonging to younger staff members or older campers who are invited to participate. Some people really took advantage of the kids. I only sorta did.

Ah the Todd MacFarlane Oilers 3rd jersey. What a gem! At the time my lack of funds meant I could not purchase this jersey which seemed to be responsible for wins during its inaugural season. Thank God (or the Loch Ness Monster) for the T-Shirt Trade!

Whatever I gave up I won this deal since I probably bought it at Value Village earlier that summer. Maybe a small Rangers jersey? who knows. I really wish that the Douch (settle down it was his nickname) took better care of the jersey though, the sperm tail is all worn out and warped. I've put so many books on top of it but it still looks crappy. I think I've ironed it....maybe tomorrow. Also h lost the strings.

Got this one from a kid whose nickname was Nuts. I really hope these kids weren't picking out their own nicknames. Just plain brutal.

This is a cool one. Originally I made some steal of a deal where I got traded a bunch of Value Village shit including a University of Michigan Jersey and I think a Phoenix Coyotes Jersey for a new at the time Flames Jersey (the red one with the black logo) and a Toronto Maple Leafs Brian Leetch jersey. 

I was quite proud of myself and my haul and making my way to a staff cabin where some after hours trading was taking place (real high stakes shit) when the camper approached me. He said he felt really awful about giving up his Leafs jersey so I decided to be nice and gave it back to him. He gave me back the Coyotes jersey which is crazy small and something else I can't remember. Anyway I hung on to the Flames jersey for about 5 minutes. 

I don't want a Flames jersey to I swapped it straight up with another veteran trader Big Bad Brad for this 2000 Team World All-Star Jersey. It's one of my favorites to wear while I'm playing and I've often thought about wearing a tie to go along with the collar.


This is the nicest jersey I've ever traded for easily. It's also the only time I really felt like a was stealing. Donkey (more great names) got this jersey from his parents as a grad present or something like that. Why they got him such a big jersey I don't know but it didn't really matter to me.

That is a Colorado Avalanche third jersey with Patty Roy on the back. What a beauty. I never wear the thing since it is an XL and an Avalanche jersey, but a nice addition to my collection none-the-less. 


  1. I'm assuming the salvation army camp? I love Pine Lake, I think I will make it my home in the near future.

    Nice steal on the jersey's.

  2. Holy shit, the first time I ever went camping was at Pine Lake!

    And I thought one of my buddies was the only one who obsessively collected jerseys. I'm glad he's not alone.

  3. Pine Lake is pretty cool, I was there for the Tornado of 2000.

    As far as jerseys go this is just the tip.

  4. Camp was actually across the lake from Salvation Army Camp. We used to play and beat them in softball annually.